Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Shandong Jianzhu University & Study in sdjzu

Enrollment Procedures & Way of Enrollment

Required documents

1 Valid Passport (over 6 months’ availability)

2 Police Clearance Certificate issued by the Police Department in country of origin.

3 Provide Physical Examination Record for Foreign students.

4 Language proficiency certificate. Applicants who apply for Chinese taught programs should provide HSK certificates, and those who apply for English taught programs should provide TOEFL iBT score or IELTS score.

5 Latest Diploma, Degree or high school certificate and its correspondent official examination result. When these documents are neither in Chinese nor English, you should provide its notarized Chinese or English translated documents.

6 If you are studying in a school or university in China, you have to provide us your study certificate, examination result and Honorable Discharge Certificate which are issued by the Chinese school or university, and the Residence Permit on your passport.

7 If you apply for a Master’s /PhD program, you have to provide us with 2 recommendation letters signed by your teachers who have title of Professor or Associate Professor. The recommendation letters should be printed with letter head.

8 If you are employed, you should provide us 1 recommendation letter from your employer, printed with letter head. If the recommendation letter is not in Chinese, translate it into Chinese.

9 Application Forms.

General Application Procedures

1 Submit application documents and pay application, medical insurance fees and other required fees.

Send PDF files of documents ①, ②, ③, ④, ⑤, ⑥, ⑦ and ⑧ to our e-mail address. Document ⑨ is NOT to be scanned, complete the forms with computer and send them to our e-mail address.

2 Wait for our feedback.

It will take us 2 weeks to assess your application. If you are admitted, you will receive an official JW202, Offer Letter and registration materials. In case of any discrepancy in the announcements, the official Invitation Letter is final.

3 Apply for a proper study visa.

Apply for a proper study visa at Chinese Embassy/Consulate in your country. If your study period is over 6 months, you MUST apply for an X1 visa. If your study period is less than 6 months, you MUST apply for an X2 visa.

4 Registration on campus.

You must come to our campus for registration in due time. Otherwise, we will cancel your admitted status.

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